All you need to know about the Caribbean Island of Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most spectacular and culturally rich Caribbean islands. It’s also one of the poorest, depending on tourism for its economy. The island is home to Rastafarianism and reggae. Jamaica’s capital city is Kingston. It has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year-round and frequent rainfall. Jamaica is famous for the Blue Mountains and Dunn’s River Falls. Spain colonized the island in 1494, then ruled by Great Britain until 1962, when Jamaica got its independence day on August 6th. The people of Jamaica are called Jamaicans.

Rastafarianism originated in Jamaica, and it continues to be very popular there. The Rasta religion is very closely tied to reggae music. One of the most famous people born in Jamaica was Usain Bolt, the world record-breaking sprinter who became an Olympic gold medalist many times over. 

The Jamaican culture is vibrant and is celebrated in its music, food, and dance. The island has a lot to offer visitors, from world-class resorts to breathtaking scenery. With a positive attitude and friendly people, the beautiful island of Jamaica is not to be missed. It is easy to get around, but there are always plenty of private guides and taxis that can take you anywhere. The island has a lot to offer in terms of art galleries (where you can buy paintings at very reasonable prices), museums, culture workshops, and local drumming lessons.

Jamaica also has its fair share of wildlife. You can visit the Queen Elizabeth National Park and YS Falls, which are home to many birds and tropical plants. It is also possible to go on a tour that will take you through pristine forests where you see wild animals like monkeys, deer, and crocodiles. The waters surrounding Jamaica are an incredible snorkeling opportunity. There are also boat cruises that can take you exploring caves and other mysterious islands. It is possible to see the spectacular sunset or walk around the beautiful shoreline and relax in any of these activities.

Jamaica has a reputation as being one of the most popular party destinations for people from all over the world. With warm temperatures and plenty of fun things to do, it’s easy to see why.

Jamaica Real Estate, Economy and Infrastructure

The Jamaican economy has seen many positive changes since the 1980s. The country is most well known for producing a crop called Blue Mountain Coffee, and their famous fruit, ackee, is used in dishes such as cou-cou (a pudding) and saltfish.

The Jamaican Real Estate industry has grown exponentially and was once termed ‘The Pearl of the British Antilles Empire.’ With countless attractive opportunities flooding the market daily, it has now become a top destination for Real Estate investors.

Rentals and real-estate sales have been increasing steadily over the past years as more people find out about Jamaica’s opportunities. There is a huge demand for short-term housing for people who need to get away from it all or find an affordable vacation location. The real estate market has been growing and will continue to grow into the future as more people are becoming aware of this beautiful paradise.

There are so many exciting new developments being added every day. With the positive impact that Jamaica has had on the global market, more and more people are starting to notice all this island has to offer.

The current most popular areas in Jamaica are the parishes of St. Ann and the coastal area of St. Mary. This is because they are well developed and also happen to be the fastest-growing areas on the island. Being middle-class residential areas, they are quiet, clean, close to the beach, and have attractions like the Dunns River. Crime in this area is practically nonexistent, and they are located less than half an hour away from Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

For those looking for a new home in Jamaica, we have some exciting news: the Jamaica real estate market is booming. It’s also easy to find all types of property, from country estates, beachfront villas, condominiums, and historic plantations.

For example, a condo in St. Mary would start at about $22,000 USD. A two-bedroom apartment in Kingston costs about $185,000, while a studio would cost about $33,000 USD. If you’re looking for land for an affordable Caribbean home, you’ll be happy to know that there are lots from $50,000 USD.

Activities, Dining, and Entertainment in Jamaica

Jamaica is full of many great activities like hiking, fishing, scuba diving, and many other fun water sports. There is plenty to choose from, with an abundance of world-class restaurants all over the island when it comes time to eat.

The best place to go fishing in Jamaica is Negril. You will require a professional guide. Fishing is a popular pastime there, and the fish have a reputation for being some of the most delicious in the Caribbean.

There is plenty of nightlife in Jamaica. From upscale restaurants to popular bars, you will have a great time in Jamaica without having to leave your hotel.

Jamaica has all kinds of exciting things to do for those who want the thrill of adventure. There are world-class hotels and luxury resorts that offer tennis, golf courses, and spas. Aside from that, there are many water sports available, such as snorkeling and kayaking, which you can try and enjoy the incredible sea life in Jamaica’s waters.

The best place to hit a few balls is at the Dunns River Golf Course. You will have an unforgettable experience hitting the links here; plus it is a very affordable activity.

Disney’s Splash Mountain is an exciting water park located at the famous Ocho Rios resort town on the northern coast of Jamaica. For those who want to enjoy some sun and surf, there are many popular beach resorts where you can check into for a week or two for only $800 USD per week. Some of the top-notch resorts in Jamaica are the Breathless Montego Bay Hotel and Club, Breezes Runaway Bay, and Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana Resort & Spa.

The food menu in Jamaica is very similar to what you would find in many other Caribbean islands. Most people go for the Jamaican jerk chicken or pork. However, Jamaican cuisine also offers vegetarian meals, seafood, and many other options.

You will be able to find authentic restaurants in all areas of Jamaica. The best time to do so is during the evening hours because these establishments tend to come alive at dusk.

Some of the popular water-oriented activities in Jamaica are swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Cove near Ocho Rios, sailing on the brackish waters of Negril Bay for a taste of sailing history, and snorkeling in the vibrant reefs and crystalline waters of The Morant.

Land-based activities available include horseback riding trips through the Blue Mountains situated in the center of Jamaica or exploring the dense forests for exotic flora and fauna. As for indoor entertainment, most hotels have a casino where visitors can enjoy roulette or blackjack games as well as slots machines.

Jamaica’s Climate

The fantastic weather on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica makes it an attractive place to visit for anyone interested in spending some time on the beach soaking up the sun. When planning a trip to Jamaica, visitors should keep in mind that it is humid, and occasional showers are common, especially during the summer months.

Summer usually runs from June until November, with the peak season being July through September. During these months, temperatures can reach as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is common to find temperatures more elevated than usual during the summer months due to the humidity. The good news for visitors is that they are likely to enjoy more sunny days during the peak season at about 75%.

The winter months run from December through February and bring temperature highs in the 70s yet lows in the 50s. It rains more frequently during this season, with a peak in February.

Summer and winter bring different kinds of rain to Jamaica, including summer showers and tropical storms.

It is best to pack accordingly for your trip depending on which time of year you choose to visit because certain clothing items might not be ideal depending on the weather.

To make sure that your trip to Jamaica is comfortable, consider bringing along a few pairs of khaki pants, some long sleeve pants, casual cotton dresses and skirts for daytime activities, and warm sweaters or jackets for nighttime wear. You might want to bring along some sunglasses as well because the sun in Jamaica can get pretty bright.

Location and Travel to Jamaica

Jamaica is situated in the eastern Caribbean, not far from Cuba and Hispaniola. The island is small, measuring about 100 miles long and 60 miles wide, yet it has everything you need to enjoy your trip. The main airport is called Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. You can book a flight into this airport on various major airlines, including Air Jamaica, from many countries worldwide.

You can also fly into Montego Bay airport on Air Jamaica. Air Jamaica Express also operates daily to and from Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and Negril.

Once you arrive at the airport, you will need transportation since most of the hotels in Jamaica do not provide it for their guests. You should be able to find a taxi outside of the airport that will take you wherever your hotel or resort is located.

Jamaica is home to many off-road car tours worth taking for the beautiful sights and exciting adventures. These tours can be booked ahead of time, or you can hire a taxi driver who understands English to show you around Jamaica. The most popular places in Jamaica will include Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril.

On the island of Jamaica, taxis are by far the most convenient form of transportation and usually charge fixed rates. Most big cities, including airports, also have car-for-hire facilities. It is made mandatory to wear seat belts, and all children under 3 years old must be sitting in a child seat.

Jamaica has been a popular tourist destination for over 200 years due to its welcoming locals and excellent infrastructure that makes traveling around the Caribbean island easy.

Therefore there is no shortage of hotels on Jamaica’s coast if you are looking to stay along the water. Whether you prefer all-inclusive resorts or smaller hotels, you should have no problem finding something that suits your needs.

For those who wish to travel to Jamaica by sea, the island has a major cruise ship port in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. In addition, several local operators run yacht tours and cruises around the island.

History and Culture of Jamaica

Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494, the indigenous Arawak people inhabited Jamaica. Columbus dubbed the island “Jamaica” due to the large amounts of wild hibiscus flowers he found growing there upon his arrival.

The Spanish took over Jamaica in the late 16th century with the intent to colonize it as they did with Hispaniola and Cuba. They named Montego Bay the capital of Jamaica and brought African slaves over to work on their sugar plantations.

In 1655, Oliver Cromwell sent 4000 English troops to help the Spanish fight off the runaway slaves raiding their plantations. The English remained in Jamaica until Spain negotiated peace with England by handing over Jamaica to them.

After slavery was abolished in 1834, the Caribbean Island became moderately prosperous under an orthodox colonial rule, which lasted until the 20th century.

African origins deeply influence Jamaican culture. There are three main languages, English spoken as the official language in Jamaica (by certain sections of the population). There is a dialect of English known as Jamaican Patois, and finally, you have Spanish, which will be heard in parts of East Kingston or Portmore.

The majority of people who live on this tropical island are made up of Africans who were removed from their homeland through slavery.

The island was named after a tribe called ‘Xaymaca,’ which the English eventually changed to Jamaica.

Jamaica has a musical history that is rapidly shaping the future of music production. Reggae, an important branch of Jamaican music, emerged out of traditional Jamaican folk music. In the 20th century, Bob Marley’s fame popularized reggae and urged its listeners to think about the injustices in their society.

Also originating from West Africa, Jamaican folk music has helped shape the cultural heritage of this Caribbean island.

Traditionally, Jamaicans are religious people. Christmas is the most important festival in Jamaica, where it is celebrated by religious people with communion services, concerts, singing of carols, and overnight prayer meetings. Everything from the lighting of the Christmas tree to shopping for a Christmas dinner, Jamaicans enjoy celebrating this wonderful holiday.


The motto of Jamaica is “Out of many, one people.”

The motto is a tribute to the diverse ethnic makeup of the population.


Jamaica, Land We Love” is the national anthem of Jamaica, officially adopted in July 1962.



Official Languages



Governor General – Patrick Allen

Prime Minister – Andrew Holness


10,991 km² (166th)

4,244 ) sq mi

Water 1.5% Population

2005 Estimate: 2,651,000 (138th)


252 /km² (49th)

653 /sq mi


Jamaican dollar (JMD)

Time Zone


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