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Have you always dreamed of owning a home in the Caribbean but worried that it might be out of your reach?

The Caribbean may be renowned as one of the world’s most sought after locations, with luxury island homes serving as vacation retreats for the elite jet-setters.

However, extremely affordable real estate is also available in many locations across the Caribbean and Central America.

Browse this page and discover property for sale across the Caribbean up to US $500,000. This includes affordable beachfront condos for sale in the Caribbean and beachfront homes for sale in the Caribbean under $500k.

It’s even possible to find Caribbean homes for sale under $200,000 and some Caribbean homes for sale under $100,000.

What is the cheapest Caribbean Island to buy real estate?

Destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Playa del Carmen, or the small island of Roatan in the Bay Islands are ideal locations for buyers seeking more reasonably priced Caribbean property.

So whether you are looking for a permanent home on the most affordable Caribbean islands, a reasonably priced vacation home, or just a bargain overseas property investment. You can find your perfect property with Caribbean Escape.

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Which Caribbean Island is the most affordable to live on?

It’s quite challenging to evaluate the average cost of living in each Caribbean Island due to many significant factors like lifestyle and fixed income. However, we will cover a few stand out Islands below.

The Dominican Republic 

The cost of living in the Dominican Republic is less than in the United States, Canada, and Europe. They have special programs for retirees to fast-track permanent residency with affordable Caribbean real estate that’s easy to purchase. With great offerings like Snorkeling, sailing, diving, and much more, it’s easy to fill your days.


Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and a tropical paradise with white sand and clear waterfalls. Although the cost of food and electricity might be slightly higher than the other Islands, there is a flat tax rate of 25%. Foreigners also have no trouble gaining residency or purchasing affordable real estate.


Roatan has the perfect blend of modern luxuries and a laid-back island community. Even though it’s a popular destination for many ex-pats, it still has very little tourist traffic and is a quiet haven in the Caribbean Sea. The only restriction is that you can only purchase land larger than 72 acres if you are a resident. However, there are plenty of other options, and it’s straightforward to become a resident. 

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Which Caribbean Island is the safest to live?

There is no ‘safest’ Caribbean island to live on, but research shows that some locations have lower crime rates than others.

It’s essential to look for updated government-issued advisories before booking a cheap vacation to the Caribbean, especially if you plan to move there. 

There are plenty of things to consider regarding safety, like whether your resort or property is gated, whether the beaches are child-friendly, and what types of activities are on offer. For example, St. Lucia has a low crime rate, but if you’re planning on hiking through the forest and climbing the Pitons, then it’s best to leave the kids at home.

The safest Caribbean islands for families tend to be those with the best beaches, the calmest seas, and the most child-friendly activities and amenities.

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