Shores of Conflict: Unpacking Luxury Development in the Caribbean

In recent years, the Caribbean has witnessed a surge in luxury tourism projects, sparking debates over their economic benefits and environmental impacts. From the controversial Barbuda Ocean Club to upscale developments in Saint Lucia and Grenada, these projects have raised concerns among locals and activists. This article examines the complexities surrounding luxury tourism in the Caribbean, highlighting...

Buying Property in Antigua & Barbuda

AN INFORMATIONAL GUIDE TO BUYING PROPERTY IN ANTIGUA & BARBUDA FOR FOREIGN BUYERS Known to have a shoreline washed almost entirely by the Caribbean Sea, Antigua & Barbuda has a small but reputable and well-established property market across the Caribbean region.If you are interested in buying a property in Antigua & Barbuda, but, as a foreign buyer, you have no idea where is the best location,...

A Guide to Buying Property in Barbuda

A GUIDE TO BUYING PROPERTY IN BARBUDA Barbuda is a small island located in the eastern Caribbean. It is considered a prime area that lies in an amazing shoreline and is surrounded by crystal clear water. If you are looking for a property in this heavenly island, you came to the right place because we're here to guide you all throughout your journey. OVERVIEW – BARBUDA REAL ESTATE Barbuda is located...

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