Guide to Buying Property in Roatan Honduras

If you plan to buy property in Roatan, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. From an overview of Roatan’s real estate market to its property prices, the buying process and applicable taxes, the best locations to buy and live in, and much more, this guide will give you all the answers that you need.

Roatan’s Real Estate Market – A Synopsis

Among Honduras’s Bay Islands, Roatan is the largest one that’s situated in the western Caribbean. It’s 50 km long but pretty thin, as it’s just 2 km to 4 km wide. This tropical paradise is famous for its verdant, pine-forested hills, beautiful white-sand beaches, azure sea, and 34 miles of coastline bordered by an assorted coral reef packed with marine life.

Reaching Roatan won’t be a problem as direct flights connect Roatan’s international airport to different cities in South, Central, and North America. Once you step foot on this island, you can go fishing, diving, snorkeling, or simply unwind and relax on its palm-fringed beach.

Most of the development in Roatan is focused on its western tip, around West Bay and West End. If you plan to buy a home in Roatan, you can find several options to take your pick from. Our Roatan real estate listings include different homes for sale – from golf club villas and luxury condos to exquisitely designed 2-bedroom home with beach access and 7.5 feet of hanging space, and much more. Whether you want easy access to the beaches, wish to indulge in a variety of water sports, or play golf, you’ll find the ideal Roatan property to invest in by browsing our real estate listings. If you don’t prefer West Bay and West End, you can move further east to find several unique waterfront or beachfront homes for sale.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, you can buy Roatan real estate at a fraction of the cost. However, you’ll need to join the bandwagon fast because the real estate market here is developing quickly by drawing inspiration from and following the path of Panama and Costa Rica located nearby.

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Roatan Real Estate – Finding Plots and Homes for Sale

We are specialists in Caribbean luxury properties. Since we have extensive partnerships across the Islands and work with local realtors, contractors, lenders, and lawyers, we can help introduce you to a wide array of Roatan’s premium residential properties, vacation homes, commercial real estate, and lands for sale.

We’ll not only help you find the right property to fit your requirements but even offer you unmatched market insight and facilitate the completion of your purchase.

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How Can You Reach Roatan

From Roatan’s Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport, several international airlines run fights, making it easy to reach it from the U.S. and Canada.

If you’re coming to Roatan from the U.S., you can take direct flights from several cities such as Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami (American Airlines), Atlanta (Delta), and Newark and Houston (United Airlines).

From Canada, you can take seasonal flights from Toronto and Montreal operated by Sunwing Airlines and CanJet.

If you’re planning your Roatan trip from Europe, you’ll need to first reach the U.S. and then board a connecting flight.

Honduras and Roatan Property Buying Guide for Foreign Buyers

Known for its white-sand beaches, excellent diving, and snorkeling sites, and Mayan ruins, Honduras and Roatan, in particular, is a somewhat affordable Caribbean destination that boasts of a property market growing speedily.

You may have plans to invest in Honduras/Roatan real estate, but perhaps you aren’t sure which the best locations are to look for homes for sale in Honduras/Roatan or need an answer to “how do I own property in Honduras/Roatan as a foreign buyer?” If that’s the scenario, this property buying guide is for you.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of buying a property in Honduras/Roatan – right from the first step until the end. This includes an introduction to the property market, the process of buying, and the applicable taxes you must be aware of.

The Real Estate Market – An Introduction

Positioned in Central America, Honduras is bordered in the west by Guatemala (which shares its borders with Belize to the north of Honduras) and Nicaragua and El Salvador to the south.

Spread across 43,278 square miles and has a population of 8 million, the country boasts of mountains and lush jungles filled with more than a dozen national parks and mesmerizing Mayan ruins. However, Honduras hasn’t got the same investment level and attention as other Central American countries, such as Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Belize. As a result, the real estate market in Honduras is in its very early stages of development, which is why the property prices here are usually much lower.

Roatan (in the Bay Islands of Honduras) is indisputably the most developed property market for prospective property buyers. With gorgeous white-sand beaches and some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean, Roatan has become the favorite destination among second-home buyers in America, especially those who’re planning to spend their retired life in Roatan. Numerous resorts have been developed in Roatan, including beachfront homes and other properties for sale, which enjoys a significant demand among potential property buyers.

If you prefer a quieter island life, you could focus on the sister islands of Utila and Guanaja in the Bay Islands, which are peaceful and stunning at the same time.

Regions of Honduras’s northern coast have also started being developed, thus emerging as locations worth considering for property buyers. Bordered by long stretches of sandy beaches, which are positioned against a magnificent background of mountains, jungle, and lagoons, Honduras’s northern coast is outstandingly beautiful. The resort towns in this area offer access to splendid national parks and mesmerizing scenic views of the Caribbean Sea. Northern Honduras, which includes Trujillo (in the Honduran department of Colon) and Tela Bay (in the Atlántida department), is a promising real estate market that offers land for sale, which is perfect for eco-development as well as attractively furnished homes in new golf and beach resorts.

Property Buying Essentials in Honduras and Roatan

Is it possible for foreigners to buy property in Honduras/Roatan?

Yes, foreigners can buy Honduras/Roatan property, and the Government welcomes investments made by overseas buyers. As a foreign national, you can get hold of up to 0.74 acres or 3,000 square meters of land in Honduras and Roatan. Acquiring larger areas is possible through a corporation, of which you – as a foreign national, can be either the solitary or joint owner.

The Buying Process

Buying Honduras/Roatan property involves relatively simple steps, which usually are as follows:

  1. Start searching for the property of your choice.
  2. Locate your ideal property and make an offer.
  3. Once the offer you have made is accepted, you’ll need to pay a deposit equal to 10%. A Notary will hold this deposit in escrow.
  4. Your attorney should undertake a title search.
  5. After both the seller and you have signed the relevant documents, you’ll need to transfer the balance amount. Next, the sale would be recorded, and the new title will get issued.
  6. You’ll have to pay all the required taxes and fees.

Applicable Taxes and Fees

Transfer tax

A land transfer tax of 1.5% of the property’s value is applicable.

Property tax

This tax is low and would usually be equal to about $500 annually.

Search Real Estate Listings in Honduras and Roatan

As experts in luxury Caribbean property, we can help you take your pick from an extensive array of the finest residential and commercial property as well as land for sale in Honduras and Roatan.

Homes and Condos for Sale

Our website is the one-stop destination that lets you choose from an extensive selection of houses, villas, and homes for sale in Honduras and Roatan, as well as condos and apartments for sale in Honduras and Roatan.

Land for Sale

Instead of purchasing homes, villas, or condos, you may even browse undeveloped land. By buying a big plot of land for sale in Honduras and Roatan, you’ll get the opportunity to construct your dream home in the region.

Whether you seek an ocean view, mountain view, or a lot that’s centrally located, we’ve got you covered. Locate an ideal lot of land for sale in Honduras and Roatan with our help.

If you need larger bundles of land for commercial development, we request you to check our commercial property listings.

Hotels for Sale

Are you in search of hotels for sale in Honduras and Roatan?

Locating the Ideal Property for Sale in Honduras and Roatan

Find out the most sought-after investment opportunities in Honduras and Roatan real estate market with our help and take advantage of our unmatched market insight.

Browse our Honduras and Roatan real estate listings to discover your dream property in Honduras and Roatan.

The Best Locations in Roatan to Purchase Property


Lawson Rock Property

Palmetto Bay Property

Parrot Tree Plantation Property

Pristine Bay Property

Sandy Bay Property.

West Bay Property

West End Property

The Best Locations in the Bay Islands to Purchase Property

Bay Islands



The Best Locations in Honduras to Purchase Property



Residency and Citizenship in Honduras and Roatan

For a foreign citizen, what’s the longest duration of stay in Honduras and Roatan?

Citizens of EU countries, Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and several Latin American and Caribbean countries can visit and stay in Honduras and the Bay Islands for 90 days (i.e., three months) or less, without a visa. You can extend this 90-day visa for an additional 30 days at the immigration office in La Ceiba (capital of the Honduran department of Atlántida), Tegucigalpa (which is the Honduran capital), Coxen Hole (Roatan’s largest city), or San Pedro Sula (capital of the Honduran Cortés Department). However, this is a one-time extension.

Becoming a resident of Honduras and Roatan

As an individual, you can apply for Honduran residency if you’re planning to stay in Honduras and the Bay Islands for over 90 days. The eligibility criteria include compulsorily conforming to one of several categories, which include (but isn’t limited to) the following:

  1. An individual of independent financial means who’s capable of showing monthly income of at least $2,500 from investments like rental property;
  2. A pensioner or retiree capable of showing a minimum monthly income of $1,500 from a provable source – either governmental or private;
  3. An individual investing a minimum amount of $50,000 in a project or business in Honduras;

You must submit your application through a lawyer who’s registered with the Honduran Bar Association. Usually, such an application takes anywhere between 3 and 6 months to get approved.

Becoming a citizen of Honduras and Roatan

As an individual, if you have legitimately lived in Honduras for three years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship by naturalization. The duration is two years for Spanish-Americans and Spaniards by birth, while it’s one year for those who are Central American by birth.

Sending Money to Honduras and Roatan

When you invest in the real estate market of Honduras and Roatan, you could save money if you hire a foreign exchange expert who can help you to get the best rate for your real estate purchase. Whether you plan to make regular or one-time international payments for your property purchase in Honduras and Roatan, we can help you enjoy the best exchange rates.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you save money.

How to Reach Honduras and Roatan

International flights to Honduras from different cities in the U.S. and Canada arrive at airports in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Roatan, and La Ceiba.

Why Invest in Honduras and Roatan – The Top Reasons

  1. Compared to several other Caribbean destinations, the budding real estate market offers beachfront homes at lower prices.
  2. The cost of living is low, making it ideal for retirement, relocation, or vacations in the sunshine.
  3. With more than 50 outstanding dive sites teeming with diverse marine life, Roatan is one of the best diving, fishing, and snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean.
  4. The steadily growing tourism sector is anticipated to encourage the real estate market.
  5. Roatan offers excellent golf facilities, which include a Pete Dye-designed 18-hole championship golf course.
  6. With its serene and dreamy white-sand beaches, the tropical island of Roatan is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean.
  7. Roatan has direct international flights to several Honduran airports, including Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, and San Pedro Sula. Many international flights arrive at and depart from its Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport, connecting it to different cities in the U.S. and Canada.

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