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Our guide to buying property in Puerto Rico.


Isabela is a town residing in Puerto Rico, on the north-western coast, and just east of towns, Aguada and Aguadilla.

Isabela is located approximately 10 miles from the Aguadilla International Airport and 70 miles from the San Juan International Airport.

Also known as “the Garden of the North West” (or “El Jardín del Noroeste”), Isabella is a tourist attraction accompanying several lakes, rivers, and scenes of luscious green hills and rainforests.

Labelled Puerto Rico’s second most popular destination for surfing after Rincón, the town is home to several awe-inspiring beaches such as Playa Punta Sardinera, Montes Beach, Middles Beach, and Playa Jobos.

Hotels and condominium builds are continuing to be built alongside several of these beaches. These beachfront homes and condos are located nearby golf communities and other amenities and are perfect for property buyers looking into Isabela real estate.


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