Why not make a living by allowing visitors of Belize the opportunity to venture into the treasures of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean sea? This is the perfect chance to do just that while making a living and enjoying the laid back island life! Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world and is a top location for diving and snorkeling in the magical waters. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy one of the best snorkeling experiences you will find!

This package offers everything you need to get your snorkel company going, including 3 boats, 42 sets of fins and masks, five body suits and various fishing equipment. One boat is a deep sea fishing boat with 2 x 250 engines and seats up to 12 passengers. The second is a Columbian with 2 x 150 engines and seats maximum of 21 people and the third is 23ft boat with 115 engine and seats a max of 8 people.

All boats have 4 stroke engines and are in great condition. The office measures approx. 12ft x 20ft and has a bathroom and security cameras installed. It also includes an air conditioning unit, desk, printer, water cooler and various office equipment.

Everything is in excellent condition. The building is transferrable and can be moved easily to any location!

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