This is an exciting new development that gives you the opportunity to own a tiny cottage at an affordable price right here in paradise!  There will be 7 cottages available and will sit on privately owned land located ten minutes from the main village and only four blocks from the beautiful Caribbean sea.  

You will receive full ownership of your cottage and a long term lease to occupy the land it sits on. 

 Each cottage is 10ft x 16ft with 10ft to 12ft ceiling heights giving you an airy spacious feel in your tiny, compact space.  There is also a 50sq ft loft space for extra room.  Built from Belizean hardwood with traditional zinc roofing and foam insulated ceilings your cottage will be ready to go!  Other features include a private porch that will open up to a central courtyard which includes shared common area, including 5 plunge pools, open-air kitchen, BBQ and picnic tables.  

There will be a small HOA fee for maintaining the common area which will be around US$50 per month.  Owners are free to live in their tiny cottage full time or rent out when not there to make an income.  

Furniture will not be included in the sale but your cottage will be ready with standard bathroom and kitchen fixtures, white metal louvre windows and recessed energy-efficient overhead lighting.

Cottages sit on wood post foundations, bolted to concrete pads and are designed to be movable. 

 Please email for more details of this new ‘Tiny House’ project!