Overseas Jamaicans Can Now Renew Their Passports Online

At a launch ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston Jamaica, Jamaica’s Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)  launched their new online passport application system on December 11th, allowing overseas Jamaicans to now apply for a new passport, renew their Jamaican passports or apply for citizenship online.
Customers can now go to PICA’s website at www.pica.gov.jm and make their relevant application online. They will need their Jamaican citizenship document, their expired passport if relevant, and a passport sized photo. They can make all payments online.
Once their application is processed, customers can have their passports delivered directly to them anywhere they are in the world using DHL.
Applicants using the service can also opt to have their passports delivered directly to them wherever they are in the world, courtesy of a partnership between PICA and DHL.
Chief Executive Officer of PICA Andrew Wynter at the launch said
“We are moving away from long lines, long wait times, early-morning queues, travelling long distances and consuming much of our customers’ valuable time in their effort to obtain a passport. The launch of the system will ensure a better, more convenient, more efficient and more timely way of applying for your passport,” he said.
“We had to test [and] retest in order to ensure that the system is perfect. In this day and age of cybercrimes and identify theft, one of the critical aspects of it is to ensure that the identity and security of persons’ individual information is secure,” he said.
The new online passport system will reduce significantly the turnaround time for PICA customers receiving their passports, and is line with the government’s drive to make the public sector more efficient.
In our view this further demonstrates that Jamaica is truly open for business and these measures will assist investors and homebuyers make the decision to invest in and purchase Jamaica real estate for the long term.

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