How Much Do Islands Cost?

How much do islands in the Caribbean and Central America cost? Explore this guide for islands for sale.

Do you want to have an idea How Much a Private Island Costs?

We read about billionaires, and Hollywood stars buying their own island in remote places to serve as their secret getaway away from the eyes of the public. Real estate investors view owning a private island as an ultimate investment. But how much do islands cost? Of course, the price varies depending on the location, popularity, accessibility, and development potential. Caribbean islands for sale are available in the market with prices ranging from half a million dollars to enjoy the warm, pristine waters off the coast of Belize to tens of millions for luxurious big islands in the more famous The Bahamas region.

Let us discover the cost of islands in the famous tourist destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

Know the Cost of an Island in the Bahamas

An archipelago comprising of 700 islands and cays formed upon coral reefs, The Bahamas is the perfect vacation spot of a lifetime. It is no wonder that high profile investors, world-renowned actors, and musicians end up buying their own private islands across the region. They are not only attracted to the crystal clear waters but also due to its excellent geographical location. It is close to the USA, where direct flights are very accessible. It is highly developed, which makes the price of the islands higher than in Belize. You can purchase smaller islands for US$1 to $3 million. But if you want a much larger island set in over 250 acres of prime property in Exumas, the Abaco Islands, and the Berry Islands, prepare your whooping budget of US$30 to $75 million.

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Want to check the cost of an island in Belize?

If you are looking for a private island in an English speaking country where you can enjoy a tranquil and comfortable life, you should consider buying an island in Belize. A Caribbean country bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the spectacular Caribbean Sea and the south and west by the diverse country of Guatemala, Belize is the home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world, not to mention its long coastline stretching 386 kilometers. A few of the islands are already owned by high profile people who wanted privacy and exclusivity.

With the growing competition in the market in terms of real estate, the cost of islands in Belize is quite lower than in The Bahamas. For instance, for a 0.5 to a 1-acre undeveloped private island, you may purchase it for a price of about US $500,000 while you may spend up to US $10 to $12 million for larger 60 to 70-acre islands which already has homes, roads, airstrips, and other existing infrastructure.

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Check Out the Price of Islands in Grenada?

Another factor to consider in buying a private island is availability in the area. While also regarded as a top tourist destination, Grenada has fewer islands for sale compared with Belize and The Bahamas. Only a few private islands come onto the market on the northern coast. This is the reason why private islands in this area are quite pricey. If you intend to own an island in Grenada, you should budget for US $7 million for a 20 acre island. If you want a larger island set in a 400-acre land area, be ready to shell out up to US $20 million.

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Find Out How Much Islands Cost in Other Parts of the Caribbean

If you are searching for a more remote but luxurious private island, you could buy a private island in Curacao, for US $8.8 million. Curacao is located in the southern Caribbean, so you will definitely have the time of your life spending joyous moments in the prestigious Spanish Water Bay.

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Searching For Idyllic Islands for Sale in the Caribbean

So, it is your choice if you want a small island off the coast of Belize or an exclusive larger island in The Bahamas, rest assured that Caribbean Escape can introduce you to many options to consider regarding islands for sale in the Caribbean region and Central America.

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