Healthcare in the Caribbean

The places with some of the best clinics & hospitals

Everyone wants to have access to a good healthcare system because they want to have that peace of mind that whatever happens, they will be taken good care of. And if you’re planning to move to the Caribbean, do not worry because they have an excellent quality of medical facilities.

Here are places with some of the best clinics and hospitals in the Caribbean:


The Bahamas is one of the most visited places in the Caribbean, especially to western tourists, that’s why they make sure that they have the best medical facility in the area.

There are three main public hospitals in the Bahamas – one in Freeport and two in the Capital, Nassau. There are also two private hospitals. But healthcare for visitors might be more expensive, that’s why before coming to the Caribbean, make sure you have all the necessary medical and health insurance with you. It is also worth noting to come prepared with cash as some hospitals might require you to pay upon admission.

However, on some islands, medical facilities may not be available. So if anything happens, be prepared to be airlifted.


Barbados has an efficient, developing, and accessible health care system. Their government made this sure so that they may provide the only best to their citizens.

There are main hospitals in Barbados; both are well-equipped and have a large number of medical professionals in practice. The first one, Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), is a government-run facility specialized in emergency and specialized services such as surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, etc. Second is the Bayview Hospital, a privately-run facility located in the capital of Bridgetown. Bayview Hospital also offers specialized services almost the same as Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


The Cayman Islands offers modern medical facilities in the Caribbean. There are three main hospitals here, two of which are privately-owned and one is public.

The first hospital is The Cayman Islands Hospital, also known as George Town Hospital, is mostly responsible for handling crucial emergencies for all the islands. Second, The Doctor’s Hospital also formerly known as Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital., a private medical facility that has a state-of-the-art medical service and is popularly known because of their world-famous heart treatments and surgeries. Lastly, the Doctor’s Express clinic, which is a premium health care facility.

Cayman has a lot of medical practitioners to assist you in any health conditions you have. A reminder for visitors is to have health insurance that provides full coverage to be able to access any treatments needed.


Healthcare system in the Turks & Caicos Islands have improved in the past years, and they continue to develop for both public and private-owned ones.

In 2010, Turks and Caicos Island Hospital opened. It is developed through both public-private partnerships with InterHealth Canada (TCI) Ltd. Both offer high-quality medical services for emergencies, maternity, dialysis, etc. There are also several primary health care clinics in some islands. Local hospitals may handle most medical situations, but in some severe cases, there might be a need to relocate to nearby islands such as Nassau or even Miami through air ambulance.

Even if there are several pharmacies on the island, make sure to bring your own or also an extra of your medications as they might not be able here.

The most common healthcare issue here on this island is sunburn due to its high temperature. So always bring with you your sunscreens. Another common health issue here is dehydration, so bring lots of drinking water wherever you go.


Martinique is an island that is part of the French Republic located in the West Indies in the easter Caribbean Sea. Their healthcare system is similar to France, so you can expect excellent medical facilities here. The biggest hospital in Martinique is CHU de Martinique, located in Fort-de-France. There are also plenty of smaller hospitals around the French Caribbean. Pharmacies, doctors, and medical emergency services are widely available too. For visitors, health insurance is an excellent idea before coming to Martinique.

On the other hand, St. Barts and St. Martin also has quality health care facilities. In St. Barts, there is a small hospital called Hospital De Bruyn, which is located in the capital Gustavia. However, some treatments may be limited here and are only available in Martinique. There are two hospitals in St. Martin, both of which are small but well equipped. One is in the French side of the island which is The Medical Center of Saint Martin LC Fleming, and the other one is in the Dutch side of the island called Saint Maarten Medical Center East of Philipsburg in the Cay.


Costa Rica offers some of the leading healthcare services in Latin America. They provide universal health care not only to their permanent residents but also to their citizens both from public and private. Health care system in Costa Rica is of the high standard, according to the UK’s government assessment.

For visitors, initial medical emergency treatment is available for free. However, it’s important to have medical insurance as some treatments may have succeeding charges. If you are planning to access private doctors and hospitals, it would be best to have international healthcare insurance to save on money.

Costa Rica is also popular to rank high in terms of dentistry and cosmetic surgery. They are popular in the fields of cancer therapy, eye surgery, and bariatric surgery. There’s a full range of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery available in several clinics in Costa Rica. They can provide world-class services and yet affordable compared to the US. Dentists in Costa Rica are skilled and qualified. So whether it’s just for a simple filling to complicated works, they can do it for you.

Aside from the main hospitals, there are also several clinics and medical facilities in the coastal areas, and they are popular with foreign visitors.


The healthcare system in Mexico is provided by public institutions. It is made up of two primary paths. First, the IMSS system is part of the national Social Security process, which was designed for their employees. Second is the Suguro Popular, and this is made for those who were not able to participate in the IMSS program due to financial reasons.

The quality of medical care in Mexico is high, although it may be limited in some areas. But rest assured that their government guarantees every citizen no cost to access healthcare services.

As you might know, the general emergency number in Mexico is 911. However, not all operators are English speaking. So it will be beneficial if you learn a little Spanish to help.


Mexico is mostly safe, but there are still some health risks wherever location you might be. So it is important to always have health insurance ready. Either travelling or relocation, always come prepared and ready. This way you’ll have less of a headache when uncertainties come.

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