sidney haylock

Owner /Broker at Guanaja Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Bay Islands
  • Specialties: Beachfront, Residential, Investment, Income etc...
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Property Types

  • 67% Island
  • 33% Income Generator

Property Status

  • 100% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 33% Guanaja
  • 67% Other

About sidney haylock

I am Sidney, owner/agent of this realty company. Born and raised in Guanaja, I have all the local knowledge to answer any questions and I’d be happy to provide you with specific details of any properties you’re interested in. However, keep in mind that we do things a bit differently here. You can think of it as ”Island Style”. We’re laid back and relaxed and we’re not going to hound you for a sale or send constant annoying reminders. In fact, we let you set the pace and drive while we simply guide you through the process.

Language: English, Spanish, Some German

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