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  • Service Areas: Dominican Republic, Sosua, Cabarete

Property Types

  • 40% Villa
  • 40% Condominium
  • 20% Luxury Villa

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  • 100% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 60% Sosua
  • 40% Cabarete

About Tracy Pearson

Welcome to Dominican Property Store.
Lately we’ve been hearing stories about disappointed buyers that bought homes un-seen only to discover that the property wasn’t up to expectations.  That does not come as a surprise if you’re gambling on just a handful of grainy photographs that could have been taken ten years ago.  As a business we have never sold a property that way, although we have done some ”walk-through” videos in the past.  It made me think about some do’s and don’ts about buying here:

Don’t buy unseen unless it’s something like an off-plan apartment in a well regarded condo such as Hispaniola Beach. 

Do your research on the agent.  Remember that exclusive listings are very rare indeed and are usually held only by the very well regarded agencies so if for example, you see something on social media you should also see it listed elsewhere.  Agents really should have: A business name, an address, a land-line telephone, a website and you should be able to find them by searching Google for the businss name.  If they don’t meet this criteria then you’re probably not dealing with a professional company and should exercise caution.  

Real estate sales continue to hold up and since the beginning of the year there have been some significant price rises.  Housing stock shortages have also pushed up prices, but now the market is at an interesting point where unless more sellers come forwards then an alternative might be to buy pre-construction.  Interestingly, material shortages have also pushed prices higher in the pre-construction market and so across the whole sector prices continue to escalate.

If you’ve found this site, and you’re looking for property in the Dominican Republic you will find plenty of listings covering a broad range of locations and prices.  We also have sites that promote properties at a more local level.  If the North Coast is of particular interest and you know where you want to buy, then please follow these links for Property in Sosua or Property in Cabarete  

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